Voyage à vélo gratuit

To far away by bicycle

Lake Motosu Rapha Festive500#1

I have challenged Rapha Festive500 at Dec 26 2015.

I was traveling by bicycle to Lake Motosu for 300 km.


The Menu


 OneCan 尾根幹


 Lake Miyagase 宮ヶ瀬湖

3.Les entrée

 Hinaduru Pass 雛鶴峠

4.Les soupe


5.Les poisson

 Sasago Pass 笹子峠


 Pass no name

7.Les viandes

 Motosu Michi 本栖みち

8.Les dessert

 Doushi Michi 道志みち


 The route

1.OneCan 南多摩尾根幹線

 This is popular route for interval traning from Yanokuchi Station to Minami Osawa.



2.Lake Miyagase

I like this area through four seasons. You'll be able to ride while watching many colors of the forest and rivers and dams.

Today I did not go to Lake Miyagase. If you will go Lake Miyagase, you turn left in the hill top of R412 near Ogino pan. If you like ice cream, you should go Hattori Pasture.

f:id:blueskycafe:20151231122447j:plainLake Miyagase (Dec,5 2015)


Lake Sagami



3.Hinaduru Pass

I turn left after Sagami-ko IC then I rode R20 from Lake Sagami. This road also less car and signal, it is easy to ride. The top is Shin-Hinaduru tunnel via a few updown. I had two おにぎり (rice ball) in Kasei. It's so delicious. Today I have a Nasumiso and タコのから揚げ(fried octopus) with mayonnaise.


Hinaduru Pass





From Ohtsuki to Sasago I rode along the R20. After the 笹一酒造(Sasaichi Sake Brewery) is in sight, you can catch the pass soon.



5.Sasago Pass

I went through the Sasago tunnel today. If you can afford, it is also possible to go to 笹子峠(Sasago Pass) turn left in the middle of the hill. You can see small tunnel in the top.



Downhill from Sasago Pass


6.Pass no name

After passing through the Sasago tunnel, I have gone around the outside of Mt Fuji.
I reached the Fuji river, after I rode along the Fuefuki river. Sloppy my route took me to unknown pass near Shimobe.



7.Motosu Michi

I joined tortuous Motosu Michi. There is a tunnel in the top of climbing. You will see Mt Fuji on the Lake Motosu, After passing through the tunnel. I like this moment.


winding road


8.Doushi Michi

It was so cold near the 精進湖 (Lake Shoji). I aimed at 山中湖 (Lake Yamanaka). I like the view Mt Fuji in Lake Yamanaka too. It has a 山伏峠 (Yamabushi Pass) in Doushi Michi after I turned left in Hirano. I was wearing a down jacket in the hill top. It was the downhill in the freezer. However, it becomes increasingly warm and altitude becomes low.


Thanks for reading.

Let's ride together!